Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Life 360 degrees

Since I first posted my own story, i regularly visit this site. Always tempted to post another story, of course with the same guy ( my physician lover). He was able to read my first posting and he didn’t like the idea. Anyway, this is my side of story and it makes me horny whenever i read it. Though we regularly do it, in a discreet but wild manner possible, I decided to post the events that really turned me on.
Anyway, I resigned from the hospital and took care of an elderly woman. I informed my hubby about it and he was glad that I took a less toxic job and I can have time to review for my CGFNS and NCLEX. Hindi daw ako gaano mapapagod kasi i would be taking care of just 1 patient plus I don’t have night duties except when needed. A midwife would take care of my clients need after 5 pm and the compensation is much better. I also transferred in las pinas with my son near Alabang where my client lives. I hired a nanny to look and take care of my son. Almost all of my clients relatives are abroad except for her spinster daughter who works as HR manager of an IPP and seldom goes home because of her work. She is 38 pretty mestiza but married her career. She was once a patient of my doctor BF.
It is my day off today and I really cannot believe what happened last night. I was chatting with my hubby when I got a distress call from the midwife taking care of my client. She told me that my client was stuporous. I called my DR BF and asked me to accompany me and assess my patient. When we got there my client was having a hyppoglycemic coma and we immediately rushed to the nearest hospital. After correcting the blood sugar level and stabilizing my clients condition, we called the daughter and informed her that her mom would be staying in the hospital for a day or two. We have the midwife settled and instructed her on clients condition. After that, my DR BF and I went to have a coffee. While having a cup he noticed that I was wearing a sun dress and a mini. He asked me if I still have somethings to do and told him ” depende sa yo kung ano gagawin mo sa kin”. In my mind, this guy is really handsome unshaven… so ruggedly handsome and always ready to violate me the way I wanted. I felt that I wanted to pee when I said that to him. He grinned and drunk all his coffee. He then took his coat and covered me. He was so gentle… very different when in bed or when horny. He asked me if I wanted to go to a bar in West Av QC. I made a phone call and told my yaya that i won’t be coming home for the night and put my son to bed. He rested his arm on my left thigh while on our way to QC. We arrived there past 10 and the crowd was already wild while the band plays. we went upstairs where there were few people. took a quite dim and secluded table. We were having our 2nd bottle when his phone ring. It was Dra Carmi, our former consultant from my previous work, the one rumored that he was having affair with (aside from me, before me). She is already in the US. She is so beautiful like the latinas in the teleseryes. I felt jealous because I thought they were already done. He excused himself and took the call outside the bar. After 5 minutes, he came back when his phone again ringed. Now it was his wife, who at 35 is still pretty and looks like younger than me but is now a manager of a bank. He again excused himself, I felt pity on myself and took the remaining bottle on a bucket of beer. When he came back I was naggy and that pissed him off. I was tipsy then. He wanted to go home but i like to stay… and he has no choice. So he ordered another bucket of beer. People were dancing on the dance floor downstairs and all was upbeat. I just noticed that a hand was probing between my thighs, it was his. He was trying to insinuate his finger in my undies… this turned me on. I told myself that this guy really knows my anatomy and physiology. Frustated he kissed me so tender then whisphered into my ear to go to the rest room and take my undies off… and so i did. When i came back he told me to sit on his middle finger. I was so wet then and I can’t help but sway my hips just like that i was dancing. He was cruelly finger fucking me and I kissed him so hard and begged him to fuck me. He told me to take of my bra and i went back to the rest room and took it off. i was literally naked inside my mini and mu sun dress and it made me more horny. I kissed him and told me to stay and have fun. We were dancing and kissing then he called the server and paid the bill. We left and took a cab leaving his car. Inside the cab he told something to the driver and then he kissed me and pulled my dress up exposing my breast. I think the driver saw me almost naked and i tried to cover myself but to no avail. He was sucking so hard and his finger is already inside me. All I can do was moan. My mini was almost within my hips and he was spreading my legs very well. We just stopped when the driver with a grin turned unto us and told us we were “here”. He paid the cab and when i was alighting from the cab I noticed that my right breast was almost exposed. I tried to fixed myself and the attendant led us to a room. My guy turned the radios and told me to dance for him… this i did with all the heat inside me… I then noticed that he was filming me again… this made me more hot. I teased him and slowly I took all my clothes. I noticed his hard on and without a word took it out and feed on it hungrily. I asked and plead to fuck me but he didn’t move. I pushed him down to bed and rode him. He felt so warm inside me and i was going nuts… all i can do was moan and call his name. I came many times and I hear him call me bitch, whore, puta and I didn’t care. He turned me around and fucked me doggy style while he was pulling my hair. He placed the camera under my pelvis catching his dick ramming my pussy. He was so wild, squeezing my breast, pinching my nipples and hitting my butt. He knew that I love the rough play… suddenly he growled like a maniac. I came as many times that I lost count on it. Then we fell asleep. Kanina, around 5 am after peeing, I noticed that he again has his hard on. I climbed back to the bed and rode him. He woke up and I greeted him good morning with a kiss. In my mind I wish that this guy is my husband… I love him very much and I would be having a problem this December because my husband would be having his 1st vacation……..

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