Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Just wife

First let me tell you about my wife Jennifer. She is agorgeous blonde with a hard, sexy body. She has nicefirm tits and an ass that turns heads wherever she goes.Jennifer also has an extreme passion for showing herselfoff whenever the mood strikes her.
Being an exhibitionist, she likes to wear short skirtsand low cut tops without anything on underneath; thatway she can flash herself to anyone she wants towherever she wants to. Ever since she started flashingherself to strange men she has had a desire to engage inthreesomes with another man. We have fantasized aboutthis many times while we have sex, and even participatedin a couple, but have still been pursuing the perfectsituation.
That all changed when Tom, a good friend of mine fromschool, called and wanted to come up for long weekendvisit. Jennifer has always found Tom attractive so Idecided to see if I could turn the weekend into ourwildest sex adventure yet.
I started by talking dirty to Jennifer whenever wefucked; asking her if she wanted to suck-off Tom, or ifshe would like him to fuck her while I watched and shegave me head. This really got her worked up and soon wewere making plans together about what she would wear,both during the day and during the night, and what weshould do to get Tom to join us in the sex fest. The twoweeks before Tom actually arrived was action packed, aswe were fucking everyday and talking dirty on the phonewhenever we called each other at work.
Tom arrived early on a Friday morning and I went to pickhim up while Jennifer got ready for work. When we walkedin, Jennifer came out of the bathroom with her hair andmake-up done, but still wearing her robe. She greetedTom with a hug and friendly kiss and then turned andwhispered in my ear. “My pussy is so wet, I can feel itleaking down my legs!”
“Why?” I asked her. “Because I’m thinking abouteverything that could happen this weekend!” She said.
Jennifer went off to work and Tom and I spent the daychecking out the city and catching up on the old times.He had no idea what the weekend held in store, but thenagain neither did I!
When Jenn came home, we had dinner and spent the eveningat the house watching TV and talking about the old days.Tom was lying on some oversized pillows on the floor,and I was sitting on the couch. Jenn went to the bedroomto change clothes, and came out wearing a pair of boxershorts and a flimsy T-shirt. Tom looked at herappreciably as she walked across the room and straddledme on the couch.
I could tell she was super horny by the look in hereyes, but as she leaned down and gave me a deep french-kiss I had a feeling I had no idea just how horny shereally was. She continued to kiss me and rub my chest asTom and I kept up our conversation. By the way she wasstraddling my lap it was easy to slide my hand up theleg of her shorts to feel the heat of her pussy. Hercunt was on fire! It was dripping juice all over herlegs and down the crack of her ass. After about fiveminutes of teasing Jennifer, Tom said, “Hey, you guysstop that! It’s not fair if there isn’t enough to goaround.” If he only knew what was in store!
Jennifer reluctantly slid off my lap to sit beside me,and as Tom went back to watching TV she laid down on thecouch with a leg on either side of me. I decided to seeif Jennifer was really as hot as she appeared to be. Iwent to the bedroom to retrieve a new toy that shedidn’t know I had (I bought it two days before), andreturned to sit between her out stretched legs. Tom wastired and pretty engrossed in the TV so I didn’t haveany interference as I slid my hand back up Jenn’s shortsand back into her steamy cunt. She just stretched outfurther to let me rub her clit and finger her drippinghole.
After I was sure she was good and worked up, I slid asmall vibrator out of my pocket and up to where my handwas busy pleasuring her clit. As the vibrator slidinside her, she opened her eyes wide, with a shocked buthappy look on her face. I spent about ten minutesfucking her with the new toy before I decided it wastime to turn it on. When I did, Jennifer about hit theroof! Partly because of the feeling in her pussy andpartly because of the buzzing noise coming from betweenher legs. She looked down at Tom, laying about four feetaway, but he didn’t hear the soft hum over the TV.
When Jennifer was satisfied that all was safe she laidback and began to enjoy the sensations coming from herpussy. I quietly teased her about chickening out at thelast minute, and she assured me that she was justnervous and exited. I alternated between fucking her andrubbing her clit with the toy while I reached up hershirt to fondle her tits. She was really getting into itnow, squirming around on the couch and breathingheavier. I kept my eye on Tom to see if he would everturn over and catch us in the act, but it appeared thathe had fallen asleep. I didn’t tell Jenn though, becauseI know she loves to get caught in these situations.
I turned the vibrator off and slowly pulled it from herpussy. She gave me a desperate look until she saw meundo my pants and pull out my hard cock. I moved upbetween her legs and pulled her boxers to one side,readying her for my cock. I slid in with one stroke andslowly started fucking her as deep as I could go. Shewas having trouble controlling herself, and was quicklyloosing her nervous inhibitions. I pulled her shirt upto her chin and started squeezing her tits and suckingon her rock hard nipples.
After a couple minutes of this fucking and suckingtreatment, I decided to really pick up the pace. Ipulled my dick out and started to pull off her shorts.She gave one last glance at Tom and then helped me pullher shorts the rest of the way off. When I had theboxers in my hand, I wadded them up and threw thembehind the couch.
Now, if Tom rolled over Jenn was really going to getcaught! I quickly stuffed my cock back inside of her andstarted fucking her harder. Jenn was biting her liptrying not to cry out and alert Tom of her condition. Itdidn’t take long for me to remove her shirt and throw itwith the shorts, leaving her totally nude, and gettingfucked less than four feet from Tom.
I slammed into her hard for about ten minutes, thendecided to move to the bedroom so I could really fuckher good. I got up off the couch, stepped over Tom andwalked toward the bedroom. I turned to beckon Jenniferwith my finger, and she got up to follow me. She slowlystepped over Tom, leaving her dripping pussy directlyover his head. This gave me an idea; when she reachedme, instead of going to the bedroom I turned her aroundand had her stand right in front of Tom’s face. Shefaced Tom and stretched her arms back over my head andspread her legs. I felt her tits and slid my hand downto finger her clit while she squirmed and moaned in myarms. Now all Tom had to do was open his eyes to seeJennifer’s totally naked form.
It was not to happen though, so I took Jennifer into thebedroom and proceeded to fuck her as hard as I could.After I came in her pussy, she went into the bathroom toclean up. I went back out to the front room and waitedfor her on the couch. When she emerged to stand in frontof Tom again, I grabbed her clothes from behind thecouch and tossed them to her over Tom’s prone form. Sheslowly got dressed, half hoping he would wake up to seethe last of her nudity for the night. No such luck! Wedecided to call it a night, so I woke up Tom andsituated him in our spare bed, then we turned in for thenight.
The next morning, I knew things were definitely going tohappen though. Tom and I were sitting in the front roomtalking about what to do for the day while Jennifer wastaking a shower. When Jenn got out of the shower, shecalled for my help from the bathroom. I walked up thehall and turned into the bathroom and my eyes nearlypopped out. Jennifer was lying on a towel on the floor,naked, with her legs spread as wide as they could go.
“Can you help me with my daily shave?” She asked me fromthe floor. She didn’t need to ask twice, and with thedoor wide open, I sat down in between her legs andshaved the daily growth of fuzz from her pussy. If Tomwalked up the hall to see what we were doing, he wouldprobably have a heart attack!
Again, no luck! I finished shaving Jenn and she went tofind clothes to wear while I went back out with Tom.When Jennifer walked into the room, I could see lust inher eyes. Tom again gave her a long look as she came tosit by me on the couch. She was wearing a pair of baggycutoff jean shorts and one of my old faded white T-shirts. The shorts were cut so short that if she didhave hair on her cunt, we would know, and the shirt wasso flimsy that her braless nipples were visible throughit.
She turned toward me and spread her legs. With thecrotch of her shorts not more than an inch wide, I coulddefinitely see that she wasn’t wearing panties. I couldalso see that her cunt was dripping juices down thecrack of her ass!
We decided what to do for the day and then Jennifer wentinto the kitchen to make breakfast. I went in to checkon her a few minutes later, and when I entered, sheturned away from me and bent over to get something froma low cabinet. As she bent over, the crotch of hershorts pulled up all the way inside of her pussy,leaving her ass and cunt lips bear for me to see. I toldher she should bend over a lot during the day, as I wassure Tom would appreciate it. Of course, she agreed withme, giving me a horny look of promise to come.
The first thing we did that day was to go targetshooting. We took Tom’s truck because it has a longbench seat that we could all sit comfortably on, andwent out to an old sandpit where we shoot a lot. I hadmy camera with me to take pictures of us shooting, butJennifer had other ideas. After about thirty minutes ofwatching us plink cans, Jenn started teasing me byflashing her tits when Tom was shooting. I got the ideaand got out my camera. Now when he would shoot, Jenniferwould stand right behind him and pull up her shirt anddrop her shorts so I could get some great pictures ofher tits, ass, and pussy with Tom in the background.(They turned out great by the way).
On the way back to house, Jennifer turned on the seatslightly toward me so I could get my fingers in herpussy. I don’t think her cunt has ever stayed that wetfor that long. In the last twenty-four hours, whenever Itouched her slit, it was already soaked! This time wasno different as I slid my hand up her thigh and straightinto her pussy. I fingered her hole and diddled her clitfor the entire ride back to our house. Tom never didreally see, but I think he could smell her arousal andfigure out what I was doing by her lack of speech.
When we returned home we sat down to watch a footballgame; Tom on one couch and Jennifer and I on the other.Jennifer was getting bolder, and she laid back on thecouch and spread her legs slightly. I was sitting by herfeet and could see that her juices had soaked the narrowstrip of material covering her pussy. Our couches buttends, and from where Tom was sitting, he had the sameview as I did. He sat there trying to watch the game buthis eyes were drawn to my wife’s soaked and almost barecrotch, and he kept stealing quick glances at her. Thisreally got Jennifer going and she was trying to figureout a way to show off more without being obvious.
Jenn said she had a bit of razor burn from shaving theinside of her thighs and I told her to spread her legs abit further apart. Hearing this, Tom couldn’t help butlook over and stare at Jennifer’s display of herself.Jenn’s legs kept spreading farther and farther untilthey were about as wide as they could go. She drew herknees up a bit causing her shorts to become extremelyloose around her ass and pussy. As I watched her movearound on the couch, I could see the strip of materialmoving to cover and uncover her pussy. At one second hercunt was totally visible and the next all I could seewas the outer labia peeking out. She was being a totaltease and she kept me advised that Tom couldn’t keep hiseyes off of her.
Jenn asked me to get some lotion to put on her thighsand I jumped up off the couch to get it. I returned tosit in between her legs, now spread eagle and giving usa great view. I rubbed lotion on her thighs and workedmy hand up to her pussy, teasing her with as much vigoras she teased us. Tom was trying valiantly to keep hiseyes on the TV but was failing miserably.
When I finished, I moved back to sit at the end of thecouch, but Jennifer didn’t close her legs at all. Shethanked me and then laid back down and started to moveher hips back and forth. This caused her pussy to becomevisible to Tom and I more and more. I leaned over herand whispered to her that she was showing Tom her pussyand she just smiled and gave me a contented moan. Tomstill didn’t know for sure that anything was up, so wejust sat there watching Jennifer and the game.
After the game, Jennifer said she wanted to wash hercar, so we all headed out to the driveway. I sprayed offthe car with water and Jenn started washing it. She kept“accidentally” rubbing her shirt against the wet car,causing her shirt to become more and more transparent. Idecided to help her get a little wetter and startedspraying off her and the car at the same time. Tom couldsee that Jennifer was loving this attention and hewanted get into the act, so we took turns hosingJennifer down making sure she was completely soaked.Jenn, all the while, was acting as if she had no ideawhat was going on.
It wasn’t long before her shirt was completelyinvisible, showing her hard nipples poking through thetransparent material. She just laughed at our antics andkept on washing the car. Only now she was bending overmore, causing her shorts to pull up inside her cunt, andreaching over the hood with her legs spread, causing herass to stick out and her pussy to beckon to us. This washaving a huge effect on Tom and I, and Jenn could seeour cocks getting hard in our shorts.
When Jennifer finished washing the car, we all startedback inside. Jenn started to take off to change clothes,but I stopped her by saying “You’re not walking throughthe house in those soaking wet clothes!” She stopped andlooked at me, and then at Tom, who was waiting for whatwas to come next. Slowly, she undid the button andlowered the zipper on her shorts. Turning away from us,she pulled them down and let them fall to the floor. Shestepped out of the shorts and reached down to pick themup and toss them to me. “There!” she said with a smile,and turned and walked off to the bathroom with her asscompletely bare for Tom and I to stare at.
Evening was setting in, and we had plans to go a lightshow (fireworks) about an hour away from the house. Itold Jenn to get ready to go so we could get there withplenty of time to kill. Tom also wanted to pick up somefireworks because he couldn’t get them where he lived.When Jenn came out of the bedroom I knew that she wasgoing all out. She was wearing a denim mini-dress thatwas cut low on top and hung loose on the bottom. Thebottom of the skirt came down about an inch below thebottom of her ass, she couldn’t bend over a bit, and ifshe sat down she had to just drape the skirt around herass and lap. Tom and I both stared at her in awe, only Iknew that the dress was all that she on!
We left the house at about 6pm and started driving tothe light show. Tom was in the passenger seat and Jennsat in back, where she could lean in between the seatsto talk. We had been on the road for about thirtyminutes and the talk had turned pretty much to sex.Jennifer knew that she had teased us both relentlesslyall day, and she was quickly proving that she wasn’tdone yet.
Jennifer reached in between the seats to rub my arm andchest. Then she slid her hand up my shirt to fondle andpinch my nipples. “What are you doing?” I asked herinnocently. “Do unto others as you would have done toyou.” was her reply. “Do you want your nipples playedwith?” I asked her. “Sure!” she said. I think Tomthought she was joking, but just the same he kept hiseyes forward.
Jennifer sat back and dropped the straps of her dressoff her arms, then pulled the top of the dress down touncover her tits. With her dress down around her waist,she leaned forward so I could reach back and pinch androll her nipples in my fingers. She started moaningsoftly and thrusting her tits forward into my hands. Tommeanwhile stared strait ahead, not sure what exactly heshould do. I kept on playing with her tits until Isensed she wanted more. “Do you want your pussy playedwith too?” I asked her. “Oh, you know I do!” she moanedto me.
I pushed her back against the seat and she drew herknees up, one on the back of my seat and the other onthe back of Tom’s. This position left her cunt spreadwide open right in between the seats. I reached down andslid my finger inside her overheated slot and startedpumping it in and out. I was finger fucking her good andhard, but because I was driving I couldn’t give her clitany attention. I figured now was time to finally get Tominto the act, so I pulled my finger out of Jennifer’spussy and nudged Tom. “Give me a hand with this willyou?” I asked him pointing to the back seat.
“Oh, my God!” Tom gasped as he turned and looked betweenthe seats. Jennifer’s dripping, wide open pussy was lessthan a foot below his face! “Help me finger fuck her,while I play with her clit.” I told him. He didn’t needa second invitation, and reached out and buried twofingers deep in her cunt, while I reached down andstarted rubbing her clit.
Jennifer went about crazy as soon as Tom’s fingerstouched her pussy. She started playing with her tits andmoaning loudly and cheering us on. “Oh, yeah! You guysplay with my pussy so good!” she said. We really let herhave it too! We gave it to her hard and fast until shewas screaming in orgasm.
After she came, Jennifer said “Thank you guys, that wasjust what I needed! Now I should be good to go for awhile.” Tom and I pulled our fingers out of her cunt andJenn put herself back together. The rest of the drivewas pretty uneventful until we got to the town where theshow was.
We were still about three hours from show time so westopped at a fireworks stand to see what they had. Tomgot out of the car and put the seat forward forJennifer. Because of her short skirt, it was impossiblefor Jenn to get out of the car without flashingeveryone. She slid toward the door and her skirt bunchedaround her waist. When she stepped out of the car, shespread her legs, giving Tom a great view of her pussy,which was still dripping with her juices.
We looked around but didn’t see anything we wanted, sowe got back in the car to drive across town to the otherstands. This time, Tom sat in back and Jennifer sat upfront. I immediately started rubbing her thigh andworking her up again. I told Jennifer to lean her seatback and give us a show. She put the seat about halfwayback and pulled up her skirt to reveal her hot cunt tomy gaze.
Tom couldn’t see very well so Jennifer adjusted themirror on the back of the sun visor to give him a betterview. Once Tom said he could see, Jennifer leaned backand pulled her pussy wide apart. “Can you see the insideof my pussy?” She asked Tom as she held herself open andfingered her clit. “Oh yeah, I can see it!” Tom pantedout, not even blinking. Jennifer continued masturbatingfor us until she reached another powerful orgasm. Whenher orgasm hit, her legs clamped shut and she startedbiting her lip to keep from screaming. Again, after shecalmed down, she straightened her clothes and went backto talking, like nothing had happened.
We still had time to kill, so we found a store andpicked up some beer and wine coolers. Jennifer walked infront of us through the store, and as she walked, shereached down and pulled up her skirt, baring her ass forus to see. She walked down the isle with her skirtaround her waist, and just before she got to the end ofthe isle, she turned a couple of circles, making sure wegot a good look at her ass and pussy. I couldn’t believehow wild Jennifer was getting! She was really gettingoff showing off to the both of us.
When we got out of the store, we headed to the parkwhere the light show was going to take place. We allproceeded to drink in the car, and it wasn’t long beforeJennifer starting getting hot again. She startedfingering her pussy and rubbing her tits while tellingTom and I how it felt. After we watched her masturbatefor a while, Tom and I decided to do something about it.
Together, we dropped the top of her dress and bunchedthe skirt around her waist. This left her completelynaked, in a crowded parking lot, in broad daylight! Westarted feeling her body all over, but this only servedto turn her on even more!
I wanted to eat her pussy so I got out of the car andwalked around to Jennifer’s side. I opened her door andknelt in front of her, then had her turn in the seat toface me. Jennifer spread her legs and slid them out thedoor, one on either side of my head. I leaned forwardand proceeded to suck and lick her pussy while tonguingher clit.
While I was eating Jenn’s pussy, Tom busied himself bysqueezing her tits and pinching her nipples. I wanted tosee how far Jennifer would go here in the middle of theparking lot, so I undid my zipper and pulled out my hardcock, but she only moaned as I moved up her body andslid my dick inside her steaming slit. I fucked herslowly, teasing her and making her build up her orgasm.Once I felt her orgasm was imminent, I stopped movingand pulled my dick out of her sloppy cunt. She had beenteasing us all day and it was only fair for us to teaseher for a while.
A few minutes before the show started, we went insidethe building to use the restrooms and stretch our legs.On the way to the park bleachers Jennifer again walkedup in front of us. When she was about twenty feet infront of us, she stopped and bent over at the waist asif to tie her shoes. Her entire ass and cunt werevisible to not only Tom and I, but also to the two oldergentlemen walking behind us! Just to make sure we allsaw her, she walked backwards in front of us, holdingthe front of her skirt up to her waist as she walked. Ithought those two guys behind us were going to pass out!
The show wasn’t that crowded and we were able to findseats in the back row with Jennifer in the middle and noone on either side of us for about twenty feet. The showstarted when the sun went down and the park got dark. Itwas still warm out even though it was late in theevening, so Tom and I both stripped off our shirts.Jennifer didn’t want to be the only one with all herclothes on so she calmly reached up and dropped the topof her dress. This left her topless in the middle of acrowd of about two thousand people! This really exitedTom, and me so we both grabbed the bottom of Jenn’sskirt and pulled it up to her waist, leaving hercompletely naked in the middle of the park.
When Jennifer was completely exposed, she leaned backand spread her legs, draping one over Tom’s lap and theother over mine. We spent the entire show fingering herpussy and sucking her tits. I don’t know how many peoplesaw us up there, pleasuring a completely nude woman, butI know it caused Jennifer to be as hot as I had everseen her! I still can’t believe she went as far as shedid, and I was pissed that I didn’t bring my camera torecord the details with.After the show ended, Tom and I insisted that Jenniferstrip completely for the ride home.
Without even a second thought, Jennifer grabbed the hemof her dress and pulled it up her waist, over her titsand off her head. She got in the front seat and leanedit all the way back, giving us complete access to herbody. This position was perfect for Tom to lean over andsuck on her nipples while I fingered her cunt.
This didn’t last long though, because Jennifer wanted tostart paying us back for all the orgasms we had givenher throughout the day. So for the rest of the ridehome, she switched back and forth, sucking our cockswhile the other finger fucked her pussy. This made theride go pretty fast and soon we were pulling into ourdriveway.
I got out and opened the front door, letting Jennifermake a dash for the house without bothering with herclothes. Tom and I went inside and sat on the couchwhile Jennifer redid her make-up in the bathroom. Shecame out into the front room wearing the T-shirt that wehad soaked earlier. She walked over and sat across mylap, spreading her legs for my hand. Facing Tom, shegave him the perfect view of my fingers in her drippingpussy. She wanted more than just fingers now though, soshe got up and went and kneeled down in front of Tom.Tom didn’t need instructions; he undid his shorts andpulled out his hard dick for Jennifer to suck on.
I watched Jennifer suck on Tom’s cock until I got sohard that I had to get into the action; I walked overand pulled off Jenn’s T-shirt and began feeling her bodyall over while she continued blowing Tom. I worked myhead down between my wife’s legs and began to eat herpussy like it was my last meal. Jennifer started goingwild, and soon she couldn’t take anymore, so we pickedher up and carried her to the bedroom.
In the bedroom we laid her down on the bed and bothstarted sucking her tits and eating her pussy. Jenniferwas going nuts, thrashing around and squirming all overthe bed. It wasn’t long before she called out forsomeone to fuck her. Tom looked at me and I said “Goahead and go first buddy, she wants us both to fuckher.” Tom jumped between her legs, and without anythingfurther, slammed his cock in her to the hilt. Jenniferwas moaning how good it felt and soon was pulling myhead back to her tits. I started sucking her tits inturn, and then slid my hand down to rub her clit whileTom continued fucking her as hard as he could.
Jennifer was having a constant orgasm, and couldn’t stopthrashing around the bed. She was slamming her hips intoTom with every stroke he gave her, and it soon proved tobe too much for him. With a few final strokes he yelledout that he was cumming, and stuffed his dick in her asfar as it would go. After Tom came he continued fuckinguntil his cock went soft and slipped out of my wivespussy, then collapsed beside her on the bed.
Jennifer was still thrashing around on the bed, and Iknew what she wanted. She has always wanted me to eather pussy right after she had been fucked by anotherman. Without waiting another second, I jumped betweenher legs and dove head first into her messy cunt.
Tom’s cum was leaking out of my wife’s well-fuckedpussy, and I took a minute to relish the sight. Istarted licking her thighs, cleaning my way up to hermolten center, and soon I had my tongue buried in hercunt as far as it would go. I spent at least twentyminutes slurping the combined juices out of her pussy,giving Jennifer at least three more orgasms.
When I looked up and saw that Jennifer was busy suckingthe mixture of juice off of Tom’s semi-hard cock; Icouldn’t take anymore, and crawled up and slammed mycock into my wife’s cunt as hard as I could. I had to becareful so that Jennifer didn’t bite Tom’s dick while Iwas pounding into her. I didn’t last long, and waybefore I wanted to, I blew a huge load of cum deep inJennifer’s cunt. We were all exhausted, so without evenbothering to clean up, we passed out for the night.
That night proved to be a transformation in Jennifer,she spent the entire weekend totally naked whenever wewere at home, and would wear as little as possible whenwe went out.
The next morning, we were sitting on the couch talkingabout what to do for the day. Tom and I were dressed inshorts and T-shirts and Jennifer was totally nude,laying across my lap, idly caressing her tits andlightly rubbing her pussy. It wasn’t hard to figure outwhat she wanted to do, so Tom and I went to the videostore to rent some X rated movies. On the way down tothe store Tom kept telling me what a lucky guy I was,and how much he appreciated my sharing my wife with him.“Hey, we have been friends for a long time, and we havealways shared everything. I just hope you are having agood time.” I told him. He assured me that he was havinga great time and couldn’t wait to see what happenednext.
When we returned from the store, Jennifer was rightwhere we had left her. Naked on the couch, casuallymasturbating, waiting for us to return. We put in amovie, and soon Jennifer wanted me to use the newvibrator on her clit. When I got out the toy, Jenniferspread her legs as wide as they would go and stretchedher arms back over her head. I turned on the toy andstarted rubbing it back and forth across her clit. Tomwas mesmerized, he couldn’t decide between the movie andJennifer, and kept his eyes moving back and forthbetween the two.
Jennifer quickly started climbing to her first orgasm ofthe day, and I showed no mercy on her pussy. I rubbedher clit with the vibrator while I stuffed three fingersin and out of her sloppy hole. After she came crashingdown from her orgasm, I asked her if she wanted herbigger dildo to stuff in her pussy. She could only moanout her affirmative reply, so I went to retrieve themonster dildo that she uses when she is super horny.
I returned to the couch thinking that I would need tolube up the beast before it would slide in, but man, wasI wrong! As soon as I pushed the dildo up against heropening, her pussy stretched and swallowed it up to thehilt. I was pumping the giant fake cock in and out ofJenn’s cunt when I looked over to see Tom staring at theexhibition. He couldn’t take his eyes off of the showthat Jennifer was putting on!
I decided to make this a real show, and took one ofJennifer’s hands off her tits and placed it on thedildo. “Show Tom how you fuck yourself when you’re hornyJennifer.” I said as I pulled the dildo out of herslicked up cunt. She didn’t need any prompting, shegrabbed the fake cock from me and proceeded to fuckherself silly while Tom and I sat back and watched. Shewas absolutely amazing! She didn’t let up until she hadfucked herself to two hard orgasms, and then justcollapsed with the cock still in her pussy. To say thatTom was amazed would be an understatement, hell, I wasamazed, and she’s my wife! I pulled the dildo out of herpussy and proceeded to lick all of her cunt juice offthe entire length.
The rest of the day went about like that until wedecided to go out to dinner for Tom’s last night intown. When we were getting ready to go out, Jennifercouldn’t decide what to wear, so she started putting ona modeling show to let us decide. She would come out ofthe bedroom in some skimpy dress, twirl around and bendforward to show us her cleavage, then turn away and bendat the waist to display how accessible her pussy wouldbe to us. I let Tom make the decision, and he chose ablack Lycra mini-dress that molded to Jennifer’s bodyand flared at the bottom, stopping just at the bottom ofher ass.
We went to a local Mexican restaurant and sat in thesmoking section where there were no other customers. Thebooths were high back, giving us good privacy forwhatever Jennifer wanted to do. She teased us allthrough dinner, and when desert came, Jennifer said “Iknow how I want mine eaten!” With that she shimmied outof the top of her dress and bared her tits to us. Shethen took the whipped cream off the top of her desertand smeared it messily around her nipples. I didn’t needto asked, I leaned over and started sucking her titsclean, stopping only when the sweetness was all removed.
Now it was my turn to see again how far Jennifer wouldgo. I told her to take off her dress and hand it to me.She almost chickened out, but after looking around therestaurant and then looking at Tom, she reached down andgrabbed the hem of her dress and pulled it off over herhead. “Now give it to me.” I said to her when she had itoff.
She looked at me questioningly, but then reached overand gave me the only piece of clothing she had. Icouldn’t believe how hot she was! Here we were, in themiddle of a restaurant during prime dinner hours, and mywife was totally naked, sitting at a booth with two men!I didn’t make her sweat very long, I gave her back herdress so we could go home and enjoy one last night ofthe three of us fucking and sucking.
It was about 7pm when we left the restaurant, but thestreets were already quiet. On the way to the car,Jennifer stopped about twenty feet behind us and called“Hey, guys look back here for a second!” When we turnedaround, Jennifer pulled her dress up and completely off!Then she walked the rest of the way to the car,gloriously nude, waving to anyone who might be lookingout windows or driving by. Once again, she was totallyoutdoing my wildest fantasies about her exhibitionistdesires!
Jennifer left her dress off when she got in the car, andas I drove home, Tom and I had our fun feeling up herhard, naked body. When I parked in the driveway,Jennifer got out and leaned over the hood of the car,beckoning us to her with fucking motions of her ass.
Tom and I got out of the car and walked around to whereJennifer was bent over. Jenn handed Tom her dress,spread her legs and invited me to fuck her right therein the driveway! I pulled out my cock, slipped it insideher juicy cunt and started fucking hard and fast,banging my hips off of her ass. Jennifer started moaningso loud that I was sure that the neighbors would all beout in their front yards looking for the commotion.
Tom stood and watched us fuck, holding onto Jennifer’sdress and waiting his turn. I was having too much funwith my wife though; I picked her up, carried her overand laid her down in the middle of the front yard tocontinue my fucking. Here we were in broad daylight,fucking our brains out in the middle of our front yard,with Tom standing there cheering us on! This wasdefinitely the best sex filled weekend of our lives!
I didn’t want to cum too fast so I picked Jennifer upoff the grass and the three of us went inside tocontinue the party. The rest of the night was spenttaking turns fucking my wife and having her suck ourcocks until we couldn’t get hard anymore. Right at theend of the night I learned something new about my wifethough. I was fucking her from behind and she wassucking Tom’s dick. I reached down and gave her ass agood swat, not hard enough to hurt, just hard enough tosting a little. Jennifer’s pussy absolutely gushed!
“Oh, you like that do you?” I asked her as I swatted herother ass cheek.
“Oh, God yes! Don’t stop, spank my ass!” she moaned outfrom around Tom’s cock.
I started spanking her ass as I was fucking her and shewas blowing Tom, and both Tom and I started talkingdirty to her. “You better suck that cock right!” I saidin between slaps on her ass, which was rapidly turningpink and getting hotter.
“You like having these two dicks in you at the sametime, don’t you?” Tom chimed in.
This caused all of us to blast off in our final orgasm.First Tom came in Jennifer’s mouth, and as she swallowedhis load, she started cumming on my cock, which causedme to blow my load deep in her pussy.
Tom had to leave the next morning, so we did all wecould the night before. Still we couldn’t get enough, sowe have promised each other that we would all gettogether again soon to do it all over again.

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