Saturday, October 18, 2008

Seduction of a married woman

I have been since long fascinated with the idea of having sex with married women. But unfortunately I had never got this opportunity until sometime ago. It is just not the sex with a married woman which interests me but the whole process of seduction, taking another man's wife to bed; touching, kissing biting, licking and exploring all those forbidden areas; seeing the wild ecstasy on the women's face as you pleasure her to orgasm is what turns me on.

My life was about to change when I met this beautiful woman who lives in the same apartment as a new friend of mine. Her name is Rekha, she is in her early thirties and she is married to a garments dealer who rarely stays at home even on holidays. She has a body to die for; blue eyes, a pointed nose, fair skin, protruding breasts which had a lovely shape, wide hips and an extremely erotic arse which wiggle as she walks. It was my friend who introduced her to me as she was his neighbor. She was fond of talking and whenever I used her visit her we ended up chatting over a cup of coffee or tea. She was not very knowledgeable though, but still loves to talk a lot over anything. In any case she doesn't have anything better to do as she is a housewife.

I gradually got friendly to her and found that she had developed a liking to me even though it was never clear what she thought of me. We used to sometimes talk on phone as well but things were moving at a snails pace. Then one day I got an idea. I knew that women in their "dirty thirties" attain their sexual peaks and can most easily yield to seduction, I mean women in their thirties are usually vulnerable to advances. For this to happen I knew I had to first get close to Rekha, I had to get intimate with her i.e. be close enough to make any advances. Any hurry in the process would mean getting kicked in the nut sacs. Things had to happen gradually. Hence initially I had to bear her patiently during our long conversations. But gradually we became good friends; we talked a lot and sometimes the talks would get

intimate; we would end up talking about love, romance, etc.

Sometimes to heaten up things I would make up stories just to rekindle her desires. This was would also bring her further close to me.

These kinds of intimate conversations between a man and a woman many a times build sexual tension between them and bring them closer. And that is exactly what I intended to do through my endeavor.

One day when the time was ripe, when I visited her I decided to bluff her about my girlfriend and get to know her views on sex. That would always be helpful.

I said "Rekha, you know we are very close friends now and I trust you very much, I wished to confide some of my problems to you and expect you to help me out of my problems in a practical way; without disclosing my personal problems to anybody."

I bluffed her that I have a girlfriend in my college and that she is very attractive. I told her that she refuses to have sex with me as she is very conservative and that I am forced to satisfy myself merely by kissing and smooching her.

She told me "Once you get married to her then it wouldn't be a problem at all "; I said "surely she would have sex with me once we were married. But at this is not the answer I am looking for."

I asked what she would have done if she were in my place. She told me that she really didn't know what to say as she herself was a virgin before marriage. That day we talked a great deal about general marital problems and during the conversation we came much closer to each other; as I said earlier such kind of conversations between a man and a woman generate a lot of sexual tension between them and bring them closer. And that was exactly what I had planned to do using the story of my imaginary girlfriend who never existed in reality. The plan worked and since then we have been very good and close friends.

Since then she started confiding in me about her problems; about how her husband has sex very rarely as he is out most of the time. I told her "It's very unfortunate…You are so

gorgeous and sexy…Its sad that you are being starved of sex. It seems we have same problems."

My plan was working. I knew that the best way to get her attracted towards me was to arouse her by giving her spicy details about my liaison with my imaginary girlfriend to aid her imagination process. That was exactly what I was doing. Every now and then I would spice herself up by telling her something juicy and spicy that happened between me and my imaginary girlfriend. This was having the desired effect as she started getting attracted to me sexually and our conversations would last longer than usual.

She started seeking my attention more than normal; she would smile whenever I used to praise her "Hey Rekha you are looking really fresh and beautiful today. Pity, your husband isn't around to appreciate you." She would reply "Thanks, for the compliment but it doesn't matter at least you did"I also had to be careful not to overdo things.

One day when I visited her I found that she was more friendly than usual as her husband had gone out for a couple of days. I sensed an opportunity here and I told myself that this is it and I have to take my plan to its logical end.

I lied to her again "Rekha I am glad to tell you that me and my girlfriend have finally moved beyond kissing and smooching." On hearing this she became excited."What did you do to her this time?," she asked eagerly. I told her that it is too personal, so it cannot be revealed. She persisted that since we are very good friends I need not worry about anything getting leaked out and should confide in her. I told her that I had oral sex with my girlfriend. She appeared a little shocked on hearing this because she was not expecting this. I asked her teasingly "Do you know anything about oral sex? I wish you reveal some secrets to me from your experience about how to satisfy a woman more by oral sex?"

This shocked her still further. She told me that even though she is married she knows little about oral sex as her husband rarely fucks her. She told me that she has to contented merely with self gratification. She further told me how they don't even smooch and that how she longed for a more satisfying sex than a session lasting a couple of minutes.

On hearing this I grabbed her and smooched her full on the lips holding her tightly. She started struggling as she was completely swept by surprise by my act. She tried to push me away to free herself but I held very tightly till her juices began to flow arousing her. After a few moments she started to loose control over herself and was soon calming down, but by that time my grip started loosening and I wanted to get my breath back. So I was forced to release her. She was too shocked to respond and did not know what to say. But she regained her composure and told me that I leave her apartment immediately.

I refused and I told her that it was she who told me that how badly she wanted a more satisfying sex and I was only responding to her wishes. I told that she should not be foolish to miss out on sex and promised her to make it wild and passionate. Having told her that I grabbed her again and kissed her again on her lips. But she somehow managed to escape and ran inside into her bedroom and I followed her. Before she could lock herself up I grabbed her and flung on to the bed holding her very tightly. She started flapping her legs wildly to make herself free. I put both of my legs over hers and held her legs between my legs very tightly. I had my legs wrap her thighs and strengthened the grip to prevent any free movement of her legs. But her hands were still free. But I did not try to hold them. Instead I started rubbing the area around cunt very wildly. She started loosing control once again, this time not to regain it again. Then gradually I released my grip and she was all over me.

I started from her ear lobes; biting her gently all over. I held her tightly from behind. She kept saying" Please stop. This is not right" followed by occasional moaning in between. I would bite her gently over the neck followed by wild licking giving away a lot of saliva. This combination of biting and licking was turning her mad. One hand her mind wanted me to stop and on the other hand her body wanted me to continue. I then moved my hands over her breasts kneading them gently in the beginning ; then moved them lower on to her belly encircling and pinching the area around her navel.

Her "Please stop… Please stop it… " started becoming louder.

I then started to sort of finger fuck her from the outside just to tease her. As a final effort she pleaded to let her go and I purposely

left the grip on her freeing her completely. I told her "Okay I don't want to force anything on you. So I let you free." This was even a bigger shock, a thunderbolt as she had never thought I would leave her like that all of a sudden, but then this was my plan and it having a devastating effect.

She was totally confused; her body and mind were at war. I got up and told her "Rekha you decide what you want; a sex starved married life? You have never had a fully satisfying sex. Try sex outside marriage once and see for yourself how wild and passionate it can get." Finally she gave up; "Okay" is all she could manage in that moment of great madness and that was it.

I pulled her closer, bent down and lifted the gown she was wearing; I pretended to remove the gown ;I pulled the gown up slowly and gently caressing the body along the way, first the feet, then the knees, then the thighs, then the belly and suddenly I let the gown fall back. I did this a couple of times purposely just to tease her.

Then I moved my hands over her butt; squeezing and massaging them I said "Wow what sexy buttocks!! So sad your husband doesn't like these." This made her blush and smile approvingly. Finally I removed her gown and she was now having nothing but the bare minimum to cover her body. I started to bite all over her body gently in the beginning and wildly later, sending her into

raptures instantly. I was licking and biting her lips, neck and the belly very wildly making her go mad.

She said in a soft and sensuous voice " hhh…uuuunnnhh…ah…bite me…yes bite me like that.. I like it…lick me all over…" I simply obliged her.

Then I removed her bra; squeezed and fondled her breasts. She would moan as I would caress her breasts and massage them. I drew my tongue out and let it explore the softness and tenderness of her tits. I would pull the nipples gently and follow it up by kneading the tits. It was heavenly pleasure, I sucked on her lovely dark brown nipples for drowning my face into those lovely pair of assets. She kept on moaning "oahh…aaaaghhh. slowly…slowly…it pains…slowly…" as I chewed on those nipples pinching them occasionally turning them red.

I started rubbing her thighs with my rough palms and she started moaning. Her moans became louder as I inserted my finger into those forbidden areas through the side of the panty. It was so wet!! And I tasted it as well.

I then bent down; held her by her by her hips and the brought the panty down using my teeth. She was so bushy down below; completely unshaven and I love an unshaven pussy. She held my face and literally forced my face over the lovely forest.

I started licking her clit, smelling it tasting it. It was absolutely great. I would finger fuck for some time in between and occasionally pull a hair or two causing a slight pain, just to add more spice to the fun. Then I asked her to turn over and I was ready to feast on her massive buttocks. I just kneaded them wildly, licked them and bit her all over the buttocks followed it by fingering her arsehole which she loved immensely.

Then I resorted back to fingering her clit and she went ecstatically mad. She was flowing like a river and it was so hot inside. I feasted on those fresh…and hot juices…, just loved it…,

the smell…, the taste… the heat…and the fact that she was a married woman was turning me mad. She could take it no longer and wanted me badly inside. She

started pleading "Please fuck me… I want it badly… Please…Please…Please…fuck me." All these while I kept teasing her. And I just love to tease women when they are in their climax because that just adds to the intoxication…I mean its so intoxicating to hear women beg…and plead to be fucked. The sight of maddening ecstasy on their face which just brings out the animal..I mean the wild side is indescribable. The sight of a married woman

moaning, pleading…wanting you desperately inside her…is just too much. Finally I decided to do it without prolonging any further. With full force I penetrated into her and kept thrusting into her. With each thrust she would shout "Harder…still harder… I want to be fucked hard…fuck the hell out of me arsehole." The thrusting went on till she came and luckily I followed soon. Panting heavily we fell beside each other, she to my right. She moved close to my body, put her right leg on my lower body and rested her thighs and knees on mine Then she started moving her right hand over my chest and very slowly brought it below it below onto my cock. Rubbing my cock she said "aaaahhhhh…hmmm…aaaahhhhh…I loved it… I wish I could have you everyday and every night…this wild and passionate sex…oh I would love to have it everyday…" I didn't say anything because there was no need to.

As of now I have become bored of her since it has been months since this happened. I am now looking for greener pastures.

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Jimo said...

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