Saturday, October 18, 2008

3 way wife

Before I start, I think I should give a brief description of my wife, Teresa.
She's 26, stands a slim 5'6" 120 lbs with shoulder length blond hair, blue
eyes, & a set of pouting red lips made for oral sex..

She also has a nice firm pair of 36B's that are just asking to be sucked &
squeezed. Her bottom half is even better, measuring at a lovely 36 inches
with a pussy that is meticulously trimmed to expose her soft and tender lips.
Teresa also enjoys giving head & making love doggy style. All in she is the
sexiest woman I know! One of our fantasies is to have more than one man
service her at once including me. The following is my fantasy.

One Friday, my friends, Parker & Jake invite us out for dinner. On a lark , I
had my wife wear a black miniskirt with a dark red top & sexy three inch black
pumps. She also wore a matching set of black lace panties & bra with sheer
black stockings underneath. With her makeup and beautifully done hair she
looks like a wet dream. A sexual goddess.Parker & Jake met us the restaurant,
and were pleasantly surprised at Teresa's attire. All thru dinner, I tried
to get my wife to flirt with them. I felt pretty secure, since I've known the
guys for sometime, and it was all in fun. After we ate, we decided to all go
back to our house to do a little partying. When we got back to our house I
rounded up a few drinks while my wife & the guys chatted. I joined them in
the living room with the drinks and we were soon feeling no pain. I was
seated on couch next to my wife, and Jake was sitting on the her right.
Parker was in the love seat with his feet kicked up on our coffee table. My
wife snuggled up to me as the effects of the drinks had started to take effect
on her because alcohol always made her sleepy & horny, and not always in that
order. After a few more minutes, Teresa closed her eyes and by the smile on
her face she was enjoying the effects of her alcohol soaked brain. I guess the
drinks had the same effect on the guys, because Jake began to stare intently
at my wife's curled up stocking clad legs and round bottom. I looked at him
and gave him a wink and softly stroked Teresa's ass thru the material of her
mini. I then gently hiked up her skirt to give him a better view of my
wife's sheer panties. All this time my wife had her head on my lap with her
eyes closed. I guess she had passed out from the booze, since we rarely
drink. I whispered to the guys that I had a plan if they were game. Jake
gave me a nod and Parker just gave me a devilish smile. I told the guys to
wait in the living room while I 'prepared' her for bed. After I carried my
sleeping wife to bed, I quietly undressed her, since I did not want to wake

Although I doubted an earthquake would have waken her in her state. I
purposely left her stockings and jewelry on, because it made her look so much
sexier. My dick was already rock solid as I thought of the chance our fantasy
would come true. Then I turned on the radio in our bedroom to one of the all
night love song stations, set the volume at a level where it wouldn't wake her
but would drown out the background noise. There she was, all fairly unaware
of here environment. So off I went into the living room to get the boys.
When I brought Parker & Jake back into the bedroom, their mouths fell on the
floor. After reassuring them that I was totally for real, and had them agree
not to mention the nite to anyone or try anything with Teresa when I wasn't
around, I gave them the go-ahead to explore every inch of my sweet treasure.
The three of us quickly undressed and were in our queen size bed in less than
10 seconds. Suddenly there were 3 pairs of hands fondling my wife's sleeping
body and exploring her every crevice. After a couple of minutes, Parker went
directly for Teresa's creamy white breasts, and was soon gently suckling on
them with abandon. Jake, being the ass man, was between the wife's
spread-eagled legs gently licking and slurping away at her trimmed pussy. We
were still pretty quiet, since we didn't want to wake her, however, even in
her sleeping state her body was responding.

Teresa's sweet vagina was glistening both from Jake's saliva & from her own
juice. Her nipples were now as hard as eraser heads. It was then I noticed
the size of Parker's cock. It was big... must of been a good ten inches long
and two & a half inches in diameter. Mine is a fairly average eight inches
and so was Jake's. Jake took the initiative by positioning himself between my
wife's spread-eagled legs and slowly inserted his cock into her. Teresa began
to stir. Initially she thought that it was me making love to her, but when she
felt Parker nursing on her breasts, she gasped and tried to push him away,
however, her lust overcame her good sense and she began to melt under the
gentle ministrations of his lips.Since my dick was already rock hard, I
climbed to the top of the bed and guided my love shaft to her lips. Jake
continued his slow and almost rhythmic insertion into her juicy pleasure pot,
and soon Teresa was moaning in complete abandon. Her hips started to push and
gyrate against Jake's thrusts. As he pumped into Teresa, I would pull out,
and soon we were in unison. She then had her first orgasm. Her body tensed,
and she wrapped her legs tightly around Jake and began to really suck and deep
throat my cock. I guessed I was pretty excited by all this, because I felt my
balls tightened and my knees giving away. Now

I was the one moaning and grunting. I pumped in and out of my wife's mouth
and let loose a fountain of hot white cum. She shocked me by swallowing every
bit that went into her mouth and she even licked her cum covered lips for
more! Parker by this time had enough of Teresa's breast and motioned for me
to move over so that he could sample some of my wife's other charms.
Reluctantly, I climbed off the bed and watched as Parker crawled over her
face and offered her his 10 incher. At the same time, Jake was still pumping
away, he too, was moaning and groaning. He stiffened and proceeded to dump,
from what I could tell, a HUGE load into her, because some of the cum splashed
back around his cock. His orgasm brought her over the edge again, and she
started to cum a second time. Parker's cock fell out of her mouth, and she was
screaming and thrashing about on the bed. Her grunts & moans were absolutely
animalistic. Teresa's legs were still wrapped around Jake and she was milking
his prick with her steamy hot pussy. After her orgasm subsided, Jake quickly
pulled out leaving her cum drenched pussy wide open. Not giving my wife a
rest, Parker quickly climbed between her legs and began to tease her with his
huge rod. This brought about little whimpers from Teresa, and she pleaded for
the meat that was teasing her. Slowly Parker descended into her. Teresa threw
her head back and gave off a silent scream with her mouthing an 'O'. After
she fully accommodated Parker's manhood, she began to rhythmically move her
pelvis against Parker's thrusts. I guess we were all pretty excited that
night, because it only took about 5 minutes of sliding in & out of her
superheated passion before Parker tensed and shot load after load into my
wife. Seeing all of this gave me my second wind.

I helped Parker off Teresa, and positioned myself for action. Soon I was
pumping away at my wife. She was so slippery that every thrust it made
squishing noises. No sound effects from any porno movie could beat the real
thing. I pumped away like a man possessed, knowing that tonite she would find
true fulfillment and sexual gratification. Teresa was panting and moaning with
her legs wrapped around me. I lowered myself and we locked in a hot french
kiss. I thought she was going to suck my tongue out! I moved back and took
one of her breasts between my lips, and sucked and twirled my tongue around
her nipple. This brought the her over the edge again, and again she was
squealing like a crazed woman. Not being able to take it any longer, I
started to cum in buckets, adding my load to the other two. It was probably
one of the best orgasms I had in my life. I literally saw stars. I slowly
withdrew and rested next to my wife's glistening body and stared at my wife's
completely satisfied, sensationally sexy body. What a sight she was! Her
heaving, sweat covered, post-multi orgasmic body glistened. Her legs were
still spread-eagled, and her pulsating pussy was all pink, wide open, and
slightly puffy. The guys and I decided that we should clean Teresa up and let
her rest, so we retrieved warm wet washcloths from the bathroom and tenderly
proceeded to clean her up. She seemed to drift off into a deep satisfied
slumber. While she napped the guys and I got semidressed and retreated to the
living room. We had only been out of the bedroom five or ten minutes when
suddenly Teresa stepped into the living room clad only in a beige teddy.
"Rest period is over. I think we should play when I'm awake, too" she said in
her sexiest voice. All of a sudden everything was dead silence. Parker, Jake,
and I looked at each other and smiled from ear to ear. "Your wish is our
command!" Parker uttered. Since the three of us guys were already seated on
the couch, we suggested that Teresa lay herself down on our laps so we could
pay more attention to her. My wife had her head on my lap and the rest of
her was laid out over Jake, who was in the middle, and Parker. As we fondled
and caressed her in all the right places, bringing little mewing sounds from
her. Jake aimed for home and proceeded to stroke Teresa's thighs and crotch
thru the flimsy material of her teddy. Wanting to get more comfortable I
suggested that we move back into the bedroom for some serious carnal
activities. Once in the bedroom, Teresa lay on her stomach with three pillows
underneath her tummy. Her adorable rump was sticking high into the air. Parker
knelt behind Teresa and licked her treasures with his snake like tongue. After
a couple of minutes, Teresa was squirming for more penetration. Parker obliged
her by slowly sticking the entire length of his tongue into her asshole. She
wiggled in delight and he continued his attack. He would alternate the thrust
of his tongue between her pussy and her butt. Rising to his knees he rubbed
his meat along her steamy slit and after several sexy almost begging moans to
"put it in me please" Parker guided his love muscle into my wife in one
smooth slow stroke which sent Teresa over. Parker continued to give her deep
long strokes as Jake was getting a slow and sensual blowjob. I played with her
hard nipples licking and sucking on breast that seemed to grow bigger and more
inviting every moment. Suddenly Parker arched his back and buried his rod to
the hilt, and poured what seemed like gallons of cum into Teresa. This
triggered her umpteenth orgasm for the evening. Not able to take anymore, I
quickly pulled Parker off her and in minutes, I was adding another
contribution to our love goddess.While I was still being pleasured by my
wife's contracting lips, Jake positioned himself at Teresa's face and begged
her to suck his raging boner. After being thoroughly milked dry by the wife,
I finally pulled out and rested. Seeing this, Jake assumed the position and
started to slide his member in and out of Teresa's well lubed vagina. Again,
within minutes, he was moaning and groaning and dumping his second load into

With Teresa still lying on her tummy we all collapsed on the bed and fell
asleep for the night. It goes without saying that we would gladly serve her
every desire if ever given the chance again

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