Saturday, October 18, 2008

Birthday Story

What an incredible weekend I had just prior to my 40th birthday...let me tell you all about it!!

My husband and I have dabbled in swinging for several years. We have enjoyed several exciting sexual adventures together and this was one of the very best. Our good friend Marty called my husband, Chris, and told him that he had tickets for a NFL game in a nearby city. Chris said he'd love to go but hated to leave me for the weekend. I suggested that I go with him and we could party with Marty the night before the game and perhaps even indulge in a bit of post-game celebration! Chris ran the idea by Marty and got an enthusiastic response.

I was looking forward to the weekend. We'd had a threesome with Marty before and we both are extremely found of him as a dear friend. Since Marty was going to be very late arriving at the hotel Chris and I decided to attend a swing party at the nightclub adjacent to the hotel. We arrived that evening, checked into the hotel and proceeded to get ready for the party. I wore a short dark green skirt with a pale green big shirt over it, unbuttoned strategically to show some of my firm, tanned breasts. To finish the outfit off I put on 4 inch spiked heels to show off my shapely legs. Chris was looking hot in dark green slacks, which showed off his great ass and a white dress shirt.

We arrived at the party just expecting to enjoy the atmosphere for a few hours before meeting Marty back at the hotel for some hot sex. The party was just really getting cranked up when we arrived. We immediately ran into a friend with whom we'd had a threesome in the past and stood there catching up on each other's lives. After several drinks I asked the couple sitting at a table beside us if I could sit with them, as there were no other tables available. They graciously welcomed me and introduced themselves as Sandy and Jim, newcomers to the club.

I introduced them to Chris and the four of us chatted for a bit about our various experiences in the lifestyle. After a bit Chris and Sandy danced and then Jim and I did. Jim began to rub my leg, which sent shivers over my body and frankly got my pussy a bit damp. Chris and Sandy seemed to be hitting it off albeit a little less so than Jim and I. Sandy seemed a little shy. Jim started whispering to me how much he'd like to f*ck, and then I felt my pussy getting wetter. It turned me on to have Chris sitting across from me, watching me while Jim flirted with me.

The party began to wind down and the four of us discussed going to the hospitality room to see what was happening there. On the way out we discovered that there was no hospitality room that night so I invited Jim and Sandy to our room for a nightcap. Once we got in the room Jim was all over me, touching and kissing me. I looked over to see Sandy and Chris kissing so I figured we'd all just get in a pile and f*ck. Jim quickly pulled his clothes off and I took my blouse off.

Sandy was naked in record time and I saw Chris' beautiful cock glistening as she stroked it with her mouth. I was lying on my back on the bed and Jim scrambled down between my thighs and proceeded to give my pussy a very talented eating out. I could reach out with my left hand and stroke Sandy's breasts and tweak her nipples. It greatly excited me to be lying there beside this woman, whose husband was licking and sucking my pussy while my gorgeous husband f*cked her. My nipples were as hard as marbles and I could feel Jim and Chris' hands caressing them. Their attention made my skin tingle and my juices filled my quivering pussy. It is a huge turn-on for me to watch Chris pleasure a woman because I know how very good he is sexually and it appeared that Sandy was appreciating his attentions.

Meanwhile Jim came up from my pussy and I handed him a condom, getting my first good look at his cock. Jim's dick was quite large with a big head that I couldn't wait to feel in my pussy. I asked him to f*ck me and he eased my pussy lips apart with the head of his cock. I reached out and squeezed his wife's titty as I came on her husband's hard cock. I heard Sandy cumming and raised my head up to suck and lick her nearest nipple. Sandy then took Chris' glistening dick in her mouth and finished him off with a good sucking.

Jim was f*cking me like the 25-year-old man/boy that he was. Pounding my swelling cunt. He turned me over to give me his cock doggy style as I looked over and saw Sandy and Chris had moved to the other bed and were watching us f*ck. Wow!! What a turn-on! I asked Jim to spank my upturned ass as he f*cked me and he happily complied. Finally, I could feel his large cock shoot inside me as he filled the condom with his young spunk. I felt very satisfied but my night wasn't over. Rather hurriedly I thanked my young stallion and his wife and we sent them on their way as we were expecting company.

About 30 minutes after Jim and Sandy left, Marty arrived. I could feel the sexual tension in the air, as Marty was horny as usual. I had washed and changed in anticipation of Marty's arrival and was more than ready for round 2 of the night. Marty jumped in the shower and was out in record time. Chris was next in the shower. Not knowing where or how to get started, I crawled between Marty's legs and began to suck his dick before he could sit down. Chris came over and joined us caressing my breasts. In no time the 3 of us were having an incredible f*ck session.

I sucked one dick and then the other...both had no trouble getting rock hard. My Chris then worked on my nipples while Marty got busy f*cking me. Marty gave it to me missionary style while I sucked Chris' delicious hardness then they flipped me over and I sucked Marty's cock while Chris f*cked me from behind (my personal favorite). I was having orgasm after orgasm as the 2 men f*cked me, sucked me and stroked me into a frenzy. Marty couldn't stand it anymore and shot off in my sucking hot mouth as my beautiful husband pounded his rock hard meat into my cunt. After several more minutes of hot f*cking, Chris let his cum fly in my hot pussy. So there I was totally exhausted and well and truly f*cked. Falling asleep in Chris' arms was the sweetest part.

The next day Marty and Chris went off to the ballgame and I settled in for a nice long nap, which I well deserved. I was having lots of horny thoughts about a post-game roll in the hay with my two fellas. Finally, Marty and Chris returned and I was ready to f*ck then and there but I let them unwind for a few minutes first. While Chris was in the bathroom I asked Marty if he wanted to f*ck me again and he replied, "hell yes". Marty was sitting in a chair and I was kneeling between his legs with his cock in my mouth when Chris returned. I can imagine Chris smiling slyly as he saw his sluttish wife on the floor with his best friend's dick in her mouth. The 3 of us then climbed on the bed and repeated the performance from the night before and I must say that it was even better the second time around if you can imagine that. We f*cked and sucked and I loved all the attention from my two men.

It's incredible to feel 4 hands caressing you and 2 cocks, 1 f*cking your mouth and 1 f*cking your pussy all at the same time. I very quickly lost count of my orgasms as Marty spanked my ass with his cock buried in my dripping pussy while I hungrily slurped on Chris' cock in my mouth. After we'd all spent our sexual energy we lay there for a few minutes recovering before Marty had to bid us goodbye and head home. I sadly watched him go. As soon as he left my horny husband grabbed me and began to kiss my neck and titties.

I couldn't believe that he was hot for me again so soon after out latest f*ck session. But there it was, a rock hard cock in front of my face. Not being one to turn my back on a good thing. I sucked him deep in my mouth and swirled my tongue around his hardness. Chris pulled out of my mouth and plunged into my still quivering pussy and proceeded to f*ck me for the 4th time in less than 24 hours. I had a huge grin on my face as I felt another orgasm overtake me. I truly realized how fortunate I am to have this incredible lover, husband and friend for my very own.

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